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Haoyuan Group to open channels to promote business!

Published time:11-21-2016 11:05 click:
With the spring flowers competing open footsteps, Haoyuan Group to promote ultra-wide curtain also opened, with immediate effect, Haoyuan Group will be in Taizhou, Wuhan and other regions of the hundreds of large supermarkets to carry out experiential marketing experience at the same time, Consumers try to eat free of taste Kam, doubts and doubts, so that more people learn to learn seafood characteristics.
At the same time, Haoyuan Group conditioning food, shellfish, dozens of single products will also be carried out over the same period promotional activities, so that more people enjoy the most authentic authentic seafood ingredients, activities, where the designated stores to buy Haoyuan Haoyuan promotional products Full amount can get a gift.
  At that time, as the most professional seafood conditioning business - Haoyuan Group covers five categories of hundreds of varieties of seafood quick-frozen food, spring fresh crispy cod, emerald salmon, pepper-squid, Tang Yang squid To be new products will also be over the same period to the market, customers are welcome to visit the activities of the scene Kam-eat.

At the same time, Haoyuan KA channel dealer recruitment, welcome friends from all walks of life call to discuss cooperation advice! Haoyuan Group National Customer Service Hotline: 400-007-1970